Hendricks county

Hendricks County is directly west of Indianapolis, Indiana. It is comprised of a mix of farmland and growing urban centers. More and more farmers in the county are adopting conservation farming practices, which benefit the land, water quality, and their bottom line.

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Conservation Corner

The Hendricks County Conservation Corner is maintained by the SWCD staff, and is located at the Hendricks County Fairgrounds. The area has five raised beds, and is used as a demonstration plot to show producers conservation farming practices in action.

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Staff & Board


Bree Ollier

Hendricks County SWCD

Natural Resources Conservationist


Jerod Chew

USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service

District Conservationist

Hendricks and Marion Counties

Additional staff

  • Marlene Raisor - Office Manager

  • Matt Williams - ISDA Resource Specialist

  • Brittany Wolford - USDA-NRCS Soil Conservationist

  • Elli Blaine - Soil Health Outreach Coordinator, Hendricks and Marion County SWCDs

  • Candi Donaldson - Clean Water Department

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board & Supervisors (2019)


  • Andy Nicholson

  • Sara Creech

  • Jeff Healy

  • Mike Starkey

  • Ethan Truax

Associate Supervisors

  • Paul Minor

  • John Hardin Jr.

  • Henry Wallis

  • Justin Coleman

  • Bob Bollman

  • David Wyeth

  • Brian Rutledge

  • J.B. Edmondson

  • Daryl Stephenson

  • Jack Nelson