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The SWCD works closely with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), Indiana State Department of Agriculture (ISDA), and other agencies in the Indiana Conservation Partnership to help you develop conservation plans for multiple aspects of your farm.

We provide technical assistance, site visits, and additional resources.

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Enhance conservation on your farm

Are you looking to make improvements on your farm? Let us learn about your current practices, and we will provide additional options for managing your land, all with conservation in mind. We can guide you through farm enhancements that will help you preserve topsoil and build soil health, which may include grassed waterways, cover crops, no-till crop planting, field borders, and pollinator plantings.

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The SWCD works closely with many conservation agencies, including the NRCS. These valuable partnerships mean that multiple staff with a wide range of experiences are ready to answer questions about your operations. The NRCS District Conservationist for Hendricks County, Jerod Chew (above), is an additional resource for County farmers, and can be contacted through the Hendricks SWCD office. Give us a call to set up a visit.


conservation plans

Our staff will help create a conservation plan that is based on your goals, priorities, and on-site assessments. The plan lays out various methods for how to achieve your conservation and production goals. The plan can be used throughout the year to implement new practices on your land. It is a living document that provides a snapshot of your current practices and long-term goals.

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Setting goals

The SWCD and NRCS staff will listen to your questions, and get to know you and your current practices. We then help you identify goals and priorities for your farm operations. Set up a site visit with our staff, and we will walk your property with you to get a tangible understanding of any areas where you are experiencing issues or want to make improvements. We provide follow-up technical assistance based on our conversations and farm field assessments.


Long term conservation

The practices you choose to use on your land guide the future of your farm. You put the conservation plan in action. Our staff are available along the way to answer questions, offer further technical assistance, workshops, and site visits. The SWCD and partner agencies offer a range of grant options for conservation practices. Contact us directly to discuss local, state, and federal grants.